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TX7B Long Tapered Strip Drop Earrings

TX7B Long Tapered Strip Drop Earrings

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Textured silver rectangular top with long tapered strip of anodised aluminium on silver earwires. 1cm wide and 5cm long.

Care information

Caring for the aluminium

Anodised aluminium needs very little after care as it does not oxidise and tarnish like silver over time. If it needs cleaning this can easily be done with soap and warm water. Best not to clean it with anything abrasive so that it doesn't damage the colour. The colour will not fade in daylight and is completely waterproof. If it is continually rubbed against another metal is may develop a dull cast, or develop scratches so this should be kept in consideration if storing the jewellery in a box with other things for example.

Caring for the silver

Sterling silver will tarnish over time when it is exposed to air (when it is not being worn.) The air oxidises the surface of the silver and makes it gradually go black. To prevent this happening, it is best to store the jewellery in an airtight container where possible. Ideally a little ziplock plastic bag. If the jewellery does tarnish, it can be cleaned either with a Goddards blue polishing cloth which is quick and mess free, or using Silvo polish wadding. Please do not use anything caustic like Silver Dip as this may damage the aluminium.

Caring for oxidised silver

Some pieces of my jewellery are already oxidised black and these must not be cleaned to prevent the finish coming off.

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